Well Services

Directional Drilling Services offered by â€‹Consultant Co. includes the provision of Directional
Drilling Software, professional rig-site Directional Driller,Well designed Plan, Drilling
Optimization, Supply of Mud Motors, Rotary Steerable Systems and rental of Rotary
Tools including Non Mag Drill Collars, Subs, Stabilizers, Jars and others.

Fishing services include experienced fishing engineers, wellbore cleaning services,
conventional fishing & pulling services, workovers, abandonments, casing exit services & tool rental. As well as providing office based experienced supervisors in the management of challenging drilling projects.

MWD/LWD services include the provision of experienced rig-site MWD/LWD engi-
neers. Product range included mud pulse transmitters (both negative pulse & retrievable positive pulse), directional MWD, Gamma, Resistivity (PWR) and annular pressure while drilling (PDD) services.

The 5 Well series include

Drilling support services

 casing running, cementation equipment, direction, steerable
drilling equipment and services.

Well intervention

Well intervention electric & slick-line equipment & services; hydraulic workover  equipment & services.


Evaluation services logging while drilling: and electric logging for reservoir and  production flow evaluation.


Testing services surface and downhole well control equipment and services, including
trees; surface test equipment, including heaters; separators, burners and metering
equipment and services.

Completion & production

Completion & production enhancement services tubulars; packers: gas lift, electric
submersible pump and accessories.